June 13, 2009

Ho! And well met.

So I've had enough of dealing with the coolminiornot blog system. I'll miss knowing that random folks are checking out my work due to the CMON sidebar links, but I figure if people really enjoy seeing what's going on at MadPonies Labs, they'll make the treck over to blogger.com, or just subscribe to the new rss feed.

Now that I've satisfied my obsession with continuity and moved all the old posts over here I can begin updating again. Though it should be mentioned that it /is/ summer, and there are about a bazillion things going on all the time it seems, so I may be painting (and thus updating) less over the next few months. Camping, motorcycle trips, painting the house, and just the beauty of Washington in the sunshine months all will be getting a larger portion of my time.

I'm now just finishing up the basework on the ogre, so I can finally close the lid on the halfling project. They've already had their first outing against the scurvy skaven, and we're hoping to add a couple more players with a norse warband and a goblin gang joining the fun before too long.

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