June 18, 2009

I will gladly pay you tomorrow for a turkey leg today

Some more images of the finished Tall Tales:

Scout and Javelinas:



The band I've picked from my pool for the initial recruitment as the Tall Tales consists of:


1 Captain: Sword, helmet, crossbow pistol, light armor.
1 Thief: Crossbow pistol, sword, throwing knives, rope+hook.
1 Youth: Axe


2 scouts with sling
2 scouts with bow
3 javelinas
1 warrior with 2x handed hammer
1 warrior with sword, buckler, and light armour.

Initial recruitment cost is 509points, with a rating of 88.

They are currently 1:0 with a victory against skaven. With the gold earned in that battle, I think I may hire the Iron Chef.

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Sane Brother said...

wanna talk with you sometime. Those works are awesome mate