June 29, 2009

The NeXT Step

Now that I have a bazillion things going on for summer I'm not sure how long this next project will take.

Mordheim gang #2 has begun. This time around it will be a gang of fighters made of mostly Chinese Bandits figures from War Games Foundry. The idea is somewhat inspired by The House of Flying Daggers, and the heavy color saturation style costumes of that film as well as The Golden Chrysanthemum, and Hero.

This is an alternate figure selection that I'll actually be playing as the Kislev list -an official addition from the Mordheim supplements.

I've decided to mount these on scenic bases with a broken stone design which will be a nice diversion. The only drag there is the extra time I'll have to spend removing the integral bases and cleaning up the feet since they can't just be covered with flock and grass to hide any rough cuts to the footwear.

I managed to get the first one cleaned up and mounted last night so now I can get an idea of how they'll look, and start thinking on color schemes.

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