November 21, 2010

The end of an era

About two weeks ago when I was removing a lightbulb from one of my painting lamps, there was sort of a grinding sound and the threads stuck, causing the bulb to break off in my hand. I was able to remove the bottom half with a pair of pliers, and it worked fine when I put a new bulb in. Friday that bulb went dead. I was a bit curious, given the short life span, but went ahead and put a new one in. Upon turning it back on the bulb flickered for a bit before it came on to full brightness. I suspected maybe the fittings were getting loose on the lamp, and then later that night it flickered again and crackled. Today I noticed that the lamp is giving off a 'Next time I make a crackle-pop sound it will be accompanied by bursting into flames' sort of smell, so I promptly escorted it to door, and into a rubbish bin.

None of this is noteworthy really, except that as I was bringing it to the trash I realized I'd had that lamp since junior high, if not elementary school. Who holds onto a lamp that long? I guess I do. I will be impressed if the $14.99 replacement I got at Target today lasts half that long.

I'll try to not write any more posts about my lamps any time soon.


ColKillgore said...

They Just don't make them like they use to.

Andyroo said...

Well I for one found the article most illuminating!

The one I am next to has as very high pitched whine that only I can hear in the household...