November 20, 2010

I'm the hunter, I'll bring back the goods

Finished this lass tonight:

Another delicate RedBox sculpt with tiny eyes. TINY. I was prepared to not even bother, but I think I managed okay given that I'm not doing these to my highest standard. After doing two of these, and looking closer at the others I have in the queue, I don't think I'd ever take one of Tre's sculpts on commission. Tooooo tiny. I do like the figure though, she's a pretty great nordic ranger type it nice gear. Either quite successful at adventuring, or with a trust fund to burn ?


brandtbl said...

Nicely done!
I am really not fond of that little shield though... it seems like an afterthought and I am somewhat dubious of its placement....

CJP said...

Agreed. I was never super excited about it, but I liked the aesthetic of the fig otherwise, so I've decided to overlook it.