December 2, 2013

Walk Among Us

Well, at long last, the Undead army is complete.

I'll be doing some more individual shots of units under my normal proper lighting setup before too long (though impending holidays and families visiting may delay that yet, we'll see), but I set everybody up on the table this weekend to see how the whole force looked, and snapped some pictures while I had everything arrayed on the table.

I thought I'd share.

(full size versions of the images are linked after the inline versions) ) )

Hand weapons: 





Chariot, Dragon, Catapults: 

Giant, Banshee, Wraiths:

Spirt Hosts, Ghost (varghulf), Spider swarms, Bat swarms: 



Liche / Wight King , Vampire, Necromancer, Vampire, Wight standard bearer, Liche:

Thats it for now. I'm pretty fearking psyched to have this all done. 


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Spooktalker said...

It's a treat seeing an army come together and line up for display for the first time. For this one it's particularly so. It has a real vitality to it and a ton of cool details to groove on.... take a bow and go your way to lay waste to the living!